The Jisei Dojo was founded by Jason Harris Sensei and teaches Danzan Ryu Jujitsu with influences from Judo and Aikido; and blends striking techniques from Karate and Kung Fu. We are proud to be the only school in Michigan teaching Danzan Ryu techniques; Traditional Japanese Jujitsu, the first jujitsu taught in America!
    The Jisei Dojo is a family atmosphere that focuses on the character growth of the true martial artist. We encourage morals, discipline, and a gentle spirit.
New Terms start now!
Jujitsu Foster 1/7
Seifukujitsu massage Gier 1/15
New students may join at any time
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Why we do what we do: we are committed to helping families get better;  better shape, better core strength, better health. This is a video game generation. Hours on a video games do not add to the health of a child, so we like to help with, Core exercises, workouts, coordination development, mental discipline, and physical stability.
  Kids Jujitsu Classes
ages 6-11
Tuesday at 6pm
Foster Community Center
Family Class
ages 12 and up
Tuesday at 7pm
Foster Community Center
  Seifukujitsu Class
Restorative body work
7pm tio 8:30pm

Gier Community Center
  Marital Arts Class
for Singles or married couples
coming soon

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