The Kids class helps kids to develop life skills that help them inside and outside the dojo. They will keep these skills their entire lives.

We help children develop:

Focus: ability to keep attention on activities longer.
Teamwork: how to depend on a partner to help you learn and to teach others
Parental Honor: Kids learn to obey authority, we reinforce following parents lead
balance and coordination: Young kids do not have fine motor skills but balance and coordination can be developed.
Discipline: Students learn to control themselves and follow guidelines.
Culture: Students learn language and cultural skills in Japanese.
Safety: Students learn to fall without getting hurt, Students learn safety rules for public.
Defense: Students learn how to escape from someone stronger holding them.

Printable pages
Character Attributes
Parent Letter
Teacher Letter
Kids are required to bring a signed parent letter expressing good behavior each term before testing for a belt. We find this is great motivation for students to experience self discipline and growth.